About Us


MISSION. The mission of Top Hat Theatre is to promote the performing arts and provide exposure to the residents of the surrounding area. Our goals are, first to present a variety of  quality programs throughout the year and to provide opportunities for musicians to perform, and secondly, when possible to provide in-service workshops involving performers and the students of Ulen-Hitterdal School.


 Top Hat Theatre was created in 2005 as an extension of  the Community Education Department at Ulen-Hitterdal Schools. The school auditorium was renovated in 2003 and was dedicated as a performance space.  With 312 seats and handicap accessibility it is home to all of Top Hat Theatre’s events. A nine-member committee plus an Executive Director control all facets of the Top Hat Theatre organization.

House Policies

Seats are not reserved and doors open at 6:30 p.m. for  each event.

We try to begin all performances on time.

All cellular phones should be turned off prior to the beginning of the program.

No food or beverages are allowed in the auditorium.

Video recording devices are not permitted during a performance.


Show cancellations occur only under the most extreme circumstances. Since events
are planned many months in advance, we never cancel a performance if the
scheduled performers are able to provide the show. So, even if the local weather is
nasty, if the performers are ready to go on as scheduled, we present the show. It is
then up to your personal judgment as to whether or not to attend. Sorry, if you elect
not to attend we cannot issue a refund for your ticket(s). If there is no show to
present, we would of course cancel and try to reschedule the event. You would be
notified as to your options as a ticket holder in those extraordinary cases.

In case of threatening or inclement weather, you can find updates or changes by:
– Checking Top Hat Theatre’s Facebook page (www.facebook.com/tophattheatre)
– Call 218-596- 8853 for a recorded message.
– Be sure to sign up under Top Hat Theatre’s website, leaving your email
address, and we will contact you directly by email through MailChimp newsletter

Top Hat Theatre Committee Members

Rob Anderson Michelle Jirik
Kylie Anderson Carol Lockhart
Ron Evans Mike Lockhart
Barry Houglum Therese Vogel
Jeanine Houglum Carrie Jirava

 Gifts, Honorariums and Memorials

Top Hat Theatre does accept and has received memorials and honorariums.  These donations are totally tax deductible. Please also consider either a season ticket or an individual concert ticket as a gift. At $65.00 for all performances, a season ticket is not only a good value, but would be a wonderful present. A $15.00 individual concert ticket also would work well for someone with either a favorite performer or style of music. Gift certificates are available by calling Therese Vogel, 218-596-8853 or by email to tvogel@ulenhitterdal.k12.mn.us